About Us

Based in India, we are hardcore devotee of Thakur Shri Radhavallabh in Vrindavan and often we saw that people living in various metro cities of India and abroad find it really difficult to buy spiritual things related to the worship of the deities Radhe Krishna.

In order to make the finding and purchasing the desired products easier for the devotees spread across the world, we have come up with this store. We keep almost everything that is needed to pamper the Laddu Gopal and various other worship products.

We source our products from the holy land of Vrindavan and we also get them made. We have an expert team of designers who give instructions and get the beautiful poshak (dresses), mukut (crown), etc made. We are proud and pleased to inform that all our workers are very happy to work with us because we have selected each one of them based on certain backgrounds. We had a thought to give employment to the poor and helpless ladies who are old and are abandoned from their families and were forced to beg. They were living on the mercy of other people and had long forgotten the feeling of being self confident and self dependent. By providing this small scale employment to them, we are so happy to see them earning their livelihood and once again living with their heads high in the society.